PIC32MX695F512L Plug Processor

PIC32MX695F512L Plug Processor
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Dimensions : 50 mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 1.8mm(H)
Weight :

Processor Microchip PIC32MX695F512L (32 bits)
Frequency 80 MHz
Program flash 512 K
Built in RAM 128 K
On board RTC DS3231 (backup battery)
On board EEPROM Microchip 25LC1024
On board WIFI MRF24WG0MA (product E0999 904)
Programming method 1 Arduino style (Chipkit), MPIDE, USB to Uart (Product E0999 908)
Programming method 2 C programming (Microchip C32 compiler), MPLABX IDE, Pickit3 Programmer (product X0999 801)
Power supply 3.3 Vdc
Connector 64 pins (4 x 16 ways 2.54mm)
Compatible products E0999 970, E0999 971
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